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Sophia Exiner (Phia) started Melbourne Indie Voices in February 2016 with producer/songwriter Joshua Teicher as a weekly drop-in night in her front room in Fitzroy, in order to highlight the work of contemporary songwriters in a community singing environment.

With singers coming together from all over Melbourne, the choir now has 140 regular members spread over two nights as well as special one-off Sing Sessions events.

Phia composes imaginative new choral arrangements for the project, and Joshua (Josh The Cat) contributes to the choir’s unique and non-traditional sound by accompanying them on electric guitar. With both Phia and Josh The Cat running MIV alongside their own careers as songwriters and performers, Melbourne Indie Voices has an authentic and distinctive feel in Melbourne’s rich choir scene.

Since forming in 2016 MIV has performed live on ABC 774, showcased at Melbourne Music Week 2016, been featured on ABC News Online, and performed for over 500 people at the Melbourne Museum for White Night 2018. In 2017 MIV performed at the Melbourne Town Hall collaborating with iconic Australian voices Paul Kelly, Paul Dempsey (Something For Kate) and Vika and Linda Bull and jumped up on stage for Ali Barter’s two sold-out album launches at the Northcote Social Club.

On International Women’s Day 2017 MIV released a live video, singing their version of Melbourne's own Ali Barter's punk-feminist anthem "Girlie Bits". The video went viral, reaching  15,000 views in just 24 hours (and counting) and was featured on Triple J Online.

With a passion for adventurous and melodic pop songs from beyond the mainstream, Melbourne Indie Voices shines a light on incredible contemporary songwriters working here in Australia as well as around the world, while bridging the gap between professional and amateur musicians, enriching the cultural fabric of Victoria.

Phia and Josh can provide anything from a choir of 100 singers to individual backing vocalists, session singers or affiliated artists, in a variety of musical styles. We can also provide bespoke arrangements. Phia brings bite-sized Melbourne Indie Voices experiences to corporate environments, lunchtime workplace choirs and workshops.