We made a video of Courtney Barnett's feminist banger Nameless, Faceless from her last record. If you listen to the lyrics you'll see why it feels cathartic and empowering to sing this as a group.
Conducted by Phia Guitar: Josh The Cat Filmed by Semiconductor Media Melbourne Indie Voices is a new contemporary choir performing innovative vocal covers of independent and emerging artists from Melbourne and abroad.
"Forgot Myself" by Jen Cloher sung by a 60-strong choir.

We sung "Girlie Bits" by Melbourne's Ali Barter for International Women's Day 2017! Subscribe to our Youtube channel and like us on Facebook for all video and show updates! Filmed by Semiconductor Media at Schoolhouse Studios in Melbourne, Australia.
This one'll hit you in the feels. Conducted by Phia Guitar by Josh The Cat http://joshthecat4eva Filmed by Andrew Watson, Semiconductor Media